Series Starters

The Conduit Series

TakenByTheBeast-FinalHunt or Be Hunted

Beasts have infiltrated the towns. The cities. The government.

Blood will be spilled. Wars will be fought. Magic will be bartered.

And there’s only one person who can bridge the worlds between Conduits and Supplicants.

If she fails, human lives will be reduced to nothing more than a source.

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The Savannah Witch Collection

Magic has its Price

Every Coven has it’s own rules…and it’s own enemies.

Forbidden love leads to death.

Volatile relatives lead to romantic charades.

And the Tempest’s illusions lead to unnecessary deaths.

These stories have Shakespearean influences, but a modern-day spin to make this collection a must read for any book addict.

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The Huntsman Series

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The Nordic Wolves Series

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The Nordic Wolves Series